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SUNY Levin Institute

116 East 55th Street
New York, New York 10022
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Garrick Utley, President

Phone: 212-317-3535
Fax: 212-521-5235
Thomas Moebus, Vice President

Phone: 212-317-3570
Fax: 212-521-5270
Dr. Maryalice Mazzara, Director of Academic Affairs

Phone: 212-317-3560
Fax: 212-521-5260
Yongqiang LIU, Ph.D., Chinese Director of Confucius Institute for Business at The State University of New York

Phone: 212-317-3508
Fax: 212-521-5208
Helene Rude, Director of Educational Programs

Phone: 212-317-3568
Fax: 212-521-5268
Fran Musolino, Program Manager, JumpStartNYC

Phone: 212-317-3559
Fax: 212-521-5259
Patricia Lapinski, Program Manager, FastTrac

Phone: 212-317-3565
Fax: 212-521-5265
Rebecca Smolar, Project Manager, Globalization101 and Global Workforce

Phone: 212-317-3566
Fax: 212-521-5266
Laurette DelGuercio, Innovate New York

Phone: 212-317-3558
Fax: 212-521-5258
Jason Mellen, M.A., Executive Assistant to the President; Project Manager, New York in the World

Phone: 212-317-3507
Fax: 212-521-5207
Irene Gashurov, Grant Writer

Phone: 212-317-3521
Fax: 212-521-5221
Dulce Kontak, Executive Assistant

Phone: 212-317-3506
Fax: 212-521-5206