News and Press Releases

:: SUNY Forms Fifth Confucius Institute for Business
:: 1,000 New York City Entrepreneurs Started and Grew Their Businesses with the Help of the Kauffman FastTrac® Education Programs
:: Levin Research Fellow Cong Cao in YahooNews story, China faces hurdles amid quest for a Nobel Prize 
:: Levin Research Fellow Cong Cao in YahooNews story, Glimmer of hope in China’s ‘brain drain’ battle
:: Levin Research Fellow Cong Cao in The Economist article, Replicating Success
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on the Debt Crisis in Greece and Iran’s Nukes
:: Levin Research Fellow Cong Cao in the New York Times article, Will China Achieve Science Supremacy? 
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on the devastating earthquake in Haiti
:: Levin’s JumpStart NYC program discussed on Irving Wladawsky’s Blog
:: Levin’s JumpstartNYC program discussed on WNBC TV New York
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on Yemen and the failed Christmas Day airplane bombing
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program highlighted in the Wall Street Journal
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on America’s Changing Role in the World
:: JumpStartNYC on CNN Money
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC Program highlighted in Brooklyn Business Trends
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program highlighted in amNewYork
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program highlighted on Media Jobs Daily, December 14, 2009
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on impending U.S. troop surge and proposed exit strategy in Afghanistan
:: Levin President Garrick Utley on Academe and the Decline of the News Business in the Chronicle of Higher Education
:: Levin’s Global Talent Study is covered in Nature
:: Levin awarded a 2-year Carnegie Corporation Grant to run New York in the World Program
:: Levin and SUNY Consortium awarded a 3-year U.S. Department Education Title VI Grant
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Obama’s winning of the Nobel Prize
:: Turkish Press Coverage of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s, Prime Minister of Turkey, Speech at The Levin Institute
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on Iran’s nuclear program and Afghanistan
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on Afghani, Iranian and Japanese elections
:: BBC News update on one of Levin’s JumpStart graduates
:: Levin’s JumpstartNYC covered in German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on the offensive in Afghanistan, Iraq pull-out, and the unrest in Honduras
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC covered in the Wall Street Journal
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus on the U.S. reaction to Iran
:: Levin President Garrick Utley interviewed on World Focus 
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC covered on Business News Network
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC mentioned in Business Wire
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program covered on BBC News World Today
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program covered in The New Yorker
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program covered in Workforce Management
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program covered on NY1
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program mentioned in BBC News story
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program covered in the NY Times
:: Levin’s JumpStartNYC program covered in the NY Daily News
:: Levin’s FastTrac program appears in story on NBC Nightly News
:: Article about JumpStartNYC in Red Herring
:: Dr. Cong Cao and Dr. Denis Simon publish new book “China’s Emerging Technological Edge: Assessing the Role of High-End Talent”
:: JumpStartNYC coverage in The Economist
:: Levin Institute chosen to run program for laid off workers from NYC’s financial sector
:: SUNY China 150 students meet basketball star, Yao Ming, covered by the New York Times
:: SUNY and Wuxi Municipal Government Overseas Training Base Signing Ceremony
:: Sloan Foundation to sponsor Innovate New York series
:: Ann Flaherty joins The Levin Institute
:: Dr. Irving Wladawsky Berger joins Levin’s Research Team
:: The Hearst Foundation Seminar Room Dedication Ceremony
:: Chinese-American Groups Contribute $300,000 for 150 Chinese Students at SUNY
:: Levin Chairmen Paul Tagliabue visits China 150 students, covered by The Blog of the Legal Times
:: Coverage of the Steinmeier, Scowcroft, Kissinger event by the German press
:: Lynne Rosansky interviewed by IBM about Students of Service, Science, Management and Engineering, August 2008
:: Dr. Alex Bandurin to join Levin’s Research Team
:: Denis Simon and the SUNY-Dalian connection on NPR
:: Levin Breakfast with Chrysler President mentioned in the New York Times
:: Denis Simon quoted in The New York Times on Executive Education for IBM China executives
:: Project New York event
:: Levin launches partnership in Brazil
:: Provost Simon Addresses US Navy Leadership Program
:: Denis Simon quoted in the Wall Street Journal
:: Seminar on Innovation at DUT in Dalian
:: Denis Simon was conferred the title of “President’s Counselor on International Affairs”
:: Denis Simon participates at Center for Technology in Government conference
:: New Institute of Global Studies created in partnership with China’s Nanjing University
:: The Levin Institute Signs Strategic Cooperative Agreement with China’s National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation (NCSTE)
:: SCMP: Asia Challenging West’s Decades-Long Scientific Research Dominance
:: Denis Simon Responds to “Issues in Science and Technology Online” Article
:: Minister Counselor Cong Jun Meets with SUNY Students
:: Global Thought Leaders Breakfast
:: Levin Quebec Initiative
:: Our Update Newsletter * (text version)

Physics Today: China’s 15-year science and technology plan * (text version)

:: China Economic Review article: Mother of Invention? *
:: Knowledge @ Wharton: Chinese Managers in Western Executive Education Classes
:: Dr. Denis Fred Simon awarded China’s 2006 National Friendship Award
:: Dr. Simon awarded prestigious Friendship Award by Liaoning, China
:: China’s Vice Minister of S&T at The Levin Institute’s Conference on Industrial Innovation in China
:: Levin-MGIMO Program in Science, Technology and International Relations
:: The Levin Institute Holds Event at the Asia Society
:: VIDEO: Garrick Utley speaks with Nick Donofrio, Exec VP Innovation & Technology, IBM Corp
:: UB Law links article on Levin Program
:: The Levin Institute’s first “for credit” students completed program May 1st
:: Pres. Garrick Utley and Provost Denis Simon attend conference on the role of “Science, Technology and International Relations in an Era of Globalization” at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).
:: Denis Fred Simon, Provost and Chief Academic Officer of the Levin Graduate Institute, is awarded the prestigious Xing Hai Award by Dalian City, China
:: Nicholas Rostow joins the Levin Graduate Institute
:: Richard Mosenthal joins the Levin Graduate Institute as Director, Executive Education
:: The Levin Institute launches Center for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation in China (CSTIC)
:: June 05 China Chat
:: Levin hosts lively discussion on “China: Is it the Next Technological Superpower?”
:: Dr. Denis Simon meets Secretary-General Zhang Jing’an
:: Levin graduates first class of students
:: Levin hosts Nanotechnology seminar
:: Levin Hosts women entrepreneurs from North Africa

SUNY News Releases (related to The Levin Institute)

  • SUNY to Pilot Dual Degree with Nanjing University and Stony Brook Campus
  • Levin Graduate Institute Names Denis Fred Simon as Founding Provost